Sunday, February 1, 2009

January -- bleh!

Not much to write this past month. We were in Utah for Christmas and had a great time. Crazy busy as usual. Not without trips to the doctor. Ben was on crutches for much of our holiday due to a nasty ingrown toenail removal. We also had a visit from Spencer's friend Ryan. He lives in Nottingham England. He enjoyed visiting the states.

As for January -- nothing much to say. It has been a pretty mild winter in Tokyo. I really don't miss the snow. We have had some rainy days but most of the time can get away with only a jacket.

Ben went to Hiroshima as part of a school trip. So glad that the exciting school trips continue. He is quite interested in stories of WWII. Having been to Normandy and Hiroshima the next stop would be Pearl Harbor.

The rest of us would like to visit Hiroshima too so Ben will get to be our tour guide. The thing that he thought was the most interesting was visiting the "Dome." It was the building that was about 250 meters away from where the bomb went off. It is still standing.

I have included some photos of Ben on his trip.


Heather said...

Great experiences Ben....very few people can say they've seen what you've seen...especially at your age. Very cool.

Mom said...

Hi Ben, that is so great that you got to go to that area of Japan. Just think when you start dating how the impressed the girls are going to be when you tell them all the places you have seen!

Joan said...

Jenny - what a great adventure your family is having. So jealous - but so happy for you.
I also HATE the snow - it is beautiful to look at though!