Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sumo Tournament

We tried to get Nathan to pose with one of the "real" sumo wrestlers but he wouldn't.

This last photo is of one of the wrestlers heading home. He shuffled down the street and got into a taxi. The back end of the taxi was definitely low to the road!!

We let Spence and Nathan skip school today to go to the Sumo Tournament. It was fun. It's hard to believe how "flexible" these guys really are. Some of their thighs are as big around as tree trunks. Ben didn't go with us because he is on a school trip. He is gone to IZU for this whole week. Swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling. We haven't heard from him so hope all is well.


Heather said...

That looks very entertaining. I saw the other photos posted on Ryan's blog. I guess you can't say you've lived in Japan unless you've been witness to a "real" wrestling match, right?

Joan said...

you are having some of the most amazing experiences! So fun!
they are huge! how was it watching that? I don't think I could eat anything while watching those men wrestle - in those outfits. YUM! ;)